Polish voice-over talent Zbigniew Dziduch
Zbigniew Dziduch is a well-known Polish voice-over talent. He sounds great in advertising for cars and exclusive brands. He made the recording for the ERG Bieruń film for our voicebank. See more ????

Premium voice over for your commercial

Zbigniew Dziduch, Tomasz Knapik, or Jacek Brzostyński

These are one of the most popular Polish voice-over talents whose voices work well in TV commercials.

The deep and strong voice of a premium Polish voice-over artist Zbigniew Dziduch is well-known from film trailers and TV footage. It is also one of the most characteristic advertising voices used in TV and radio commercials of many exclusive brands. Zbigniew Dziduch’s voice also works very well in an internet promotional video like the one for which we made the recording. It is a corporate video made to create brand awareness. 

The voice-over recording with the „premium” Polish voice certainly added professionalism to the movie. The content read with the deep voice of the voice-over artist is easier to remember and gives a viewer impression of good quality.


Zbigniew Dziduch, the Polish voice talent in our voice talents roster

The voices of talents such as Zbigniew Dziduch, Tomasz Knapik, or Krystyna Czubówna, due to their recognition in Poland, extensive experience and great quality, will be available in the „Premium” tab in most of the voice-over rosters.

The price of the voice recording depends on the field of use (i.e. where the voice-over recording will be used) and the amount of text to be recorded, or the number of advertising spots.

Each voice talents list has its own prices, so it’s best to make an individual valuation of the recording. You can do this with us by visiting the page with the contact form.

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The author of the article is Marcin Gontarz, who produces voice-over recordings (from commercials to e-learning). Ask him a question!


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