Terms and conditions

1. The order is started only after the client confirms the price and the script via email.

2. Acceptance of the quote and commencement of the order is equivalent to acceptance of the cooperation regulations.

3. Pick a Voice may ask the client for payment before making the recording.

4. A confirmed order cannot be canceled during its implementation.

5. The text to be recorded should be sent by e-mail in the attachment in DOC, ODT or PDF format. Pick a Voice may ask you to edit the text again if the formatting can make it difficult to read. If the text is not properly formatted, the cost of any corrections after recording is borne by the client.

6. The text should have the phonetic pronunciation of company names, foreign words and unusual words as well as acronyms. If such pronunciation is not provided by the client, any subsequent pronunciation changes are paid extra.

7. If the sent text is too long to physically fit in the timing given by the client – we record the closest version to the given timing. Any changes in timing or changes in the text after recording are paid additionally.

8. Corrections that have been caused by Pick a Voice are free of charge (incompatibility of the recording with the script, errors in editing, errors in post-production, sending the damaged file). The clients corrections after recording is made are additionally paid (e.g. change of text, change of voice-talent, change of pronunciation, recording of additional takes, change of interpretation, change of timing, etc.). Recording the selected fragments of the script which are not exceeding 50% of the total volume is the cost of an additional 50% of the initial price of the order. Playing new takes costs + 100% of the initial price of the order. In the case of audiobooks, the cost of substantive corrections and changes to the text is determined individually.

9. Texts from the field of exploitation internet non-commercial, e-learning, internal,, local radio, local TV, IVR, the rate includes a recording of one double.

10. In the case of recordings from the field of exploitation of internet commercial, national radio, nationwide TV, cinema, tv sponsorship billboard, the price includes at least 3 doubles during the first recording session and one additional recording session dedicated to work on interpretation. However, changes in the text and subsequent recording sessions are payable + 50% of the original recording rate.

11. The choice of voice talent for the order is based on the sample recordings sent by Pick a Voice. Changing the voice talent after the acceptance is treated as a new order, the costs of which are covered by the client as well as the costs of the order with the first talent.

12. The recordings are made remotely, ie the customer cannot actively participate in the recording. Pick a Voice also does not provide telephone or e-mail leads to its voice talents.

13. The material is sent to the client by e-mail in WAV 48kHz 24bit format in one file. Changing sounds to other formats and dividing them into smaller files requires additional arrangements. Audiobooks are deliver via internet in MP3 format (128kbps, mono) divided into smaller files and properly described. Changes of sounds to other formats and division into smaller files require additional arrangements.

14. Standard period of copyrights to use the audio in the media – 1 year, telephone announcements – without a time limit, multimedia presentations – without a time limit, license extension – + 50% of the initial rate of the order, other forms – to be determined, audiobooks – without a time limit.

15. Pick a Voice has the right to withdraw from production (even during it). In this case, the Customer will not be charged with any production costs. Pick a Voice is not responsible for losses caused by withdrawal from production.

16. If the customer does not independently choose the voice talent for the production (this choice will be made by Pick a Voice) and the material will not be accepted – the costs of changing the voice talent will be borne by the customer.

17. Pick a Voice is not responsible for the lack of delivery of material resulting from reasons beyond the control of Pick a Voice.

18. Pick a Voice is not responsible for the content of the production (such responsibility is always borne by the customer – regardless of the circumstances).

19. The Ordering Party undertakes to check and confirm receipt of production within 4 business days after sending (making available) production by Pick a Voice. If no objections are raised within this period, it means final acceptance of the production. Pick a Voice is not responsible for any losses (cost of recording broadcasting cassettes, campaign cost, etc.) resulting from the Customer’s failure to check the correctness of the recorded text / spot – with the script.

20. Objections to production should be submitted in writing within 7 days from the date the sound is available. Otherwise, Pick a Voice is not required to make any corrections.

21. The Customer has the right to emit the sound as soon as it is received (before payment for production), but is aware that failure to pay within the prescribed period may result in a financial penalty.

22. Lack of payment in due time for the recording is tantamount to the loss of the rights to distribute the sound (from the moment it was produced). In the case of broadcast or any use of sound without rights – on the customer a penalty of up to 10 times the price of the ordered audio may be imposed.

23. In the absence of payment, Pick a Voice transfers information about the amounts due (including the penalty – referred to in point 19) to the NATIONAL DEBT REGISTER / BIG – after which Pick a Voice transfers the case to Court and Bailiff proceedings.

24. The Customer agrees to the processing of his data for Pick a Voice archiving and marketing purposes.

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